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mock gallery

The day a project is due, we will have a mock gallery event to present and discuss the work. This will involve four tasks.

  1. The students must come to class dressed appropriately for a gallery opening. (Clean dressy-casual clothes)
  2. Students must display their projects effectively. (For example, if making a bookmark, it would be advisable to display it in a book selected to enahnce the concept and/or form of the bookmark.)
  3. Students must be prepared to give a 2-3 minute presentation and evaluation of the design, concept, and technical considerations of their project.
  4. Students must be prepared to participate in the critique of other student's projects, and in a discussion of critiquing "best practices".

The class will begin with 10 minutes for setting up the work and taking attendance. Students will then have 5 minutes to jurry the work, selecting the top seven pieces. Only the pieces jurried into the critique will be discussed. The remainder of the critique will be spent discussing the top seven pieces, and "best practices" for critiquing.

mark rooker
james madison university