The Manipulated Sheet Bracelet is an introductory assignment in transforming flat sheet into a fully 3-dimensional wearable object, using only sawing/piercing,drilling, filing, sanding/texturing, bending and patination. The project will provide initial experience with metal fabrication techniques, issues of wearbility and adornment, and craft standards.


The initial design will be worked out through the production of 10 bristol-board models, due January 23. The models should each start with a 2x6" piece of bristol and experiment with various cutting bending and folding strategies to transform the material into a volumetric wearable object.

3D design: It is essential that all three dimensions of the object should be considered in the design, as well as how it will look on and off the arm, and how it will be displayed. You should also think complexly about wearability in your design process. Our primary goal is to create wearable ART, not utilitarian adornments.

We will meet individually on January 23 to look at your models and pick the most successful one to be completed in copper or brass sheet.

Finished projects will be due on February 13. We will be having a Mock Gallery critique on that date.